About us

The robotics club of the German Lessing Gymnasium Neu-Ulm aims to build roboters for the international RoboCup Junior. For this, you first have to know what the ‘RoboCup’ is: The RoboCup is an international organization whith the aim to beat humans in soccer till the end of the year 2050. To inspire young people, the RoboCup founded ‘RoboCup Junior’ besides the ‘RoboCup Major’, which is for universities. We have been participating in the RoboCup Junior championships since the year 2007 and we have already won the International Championship several times

    South-German Open

    The regional qualification tournament in Vöhringen is the beginning of the robotics season. With 9 participating teams our goal was to present all the skills and improvements we made. Continue reading here !

    World Open

    We are all really excited for the upcoming World Open in Bordeaux in France. Before the competition, the two teams will stay for two nights in Liou and going to explore Bordeaux the day before the competition starts. Our two teams will posts updates on instagram and here.

    European Open

    Two out of our five teams participated at the European Open. Besides the competition, they had fun exploring the city Varazidin in Croatie. Read this post for more information!

    German Open

    The German Open is the preliminary decision for the European and World Open. We participated with five teams and four of them qualified for an internationel competition. Two each for the World Open and European Open! Read this post for more information!

    South Open

    The South-Open is the kick-off for the yearly RoboCup Junior. It serves as a preliminary for the German-Open. Read this post for more information!

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